Terms and Conditions


  • Minimum project cost is $750.  Payment by cash, check, or credit card for half the Grand Total is due at signing.  The remaining half will be due upon job completion.
  • A $30.00 charge will be added for dishonored checks or credit card charge-backs.  If full payment is not received within 30 days of project completion, 20% of the total project cost will be added monthly to the balance due, in addition to a $45.00 late fee.  After 30 days of non-payment this contract will be turned over to collections and customer will be responsible for all fees related to collecting full payment plus any additional fees accumulated.


INSTALLATION: Customer agrees to comply with the following conditions pertaining to installation.

  • Cables, phone wires, sprinkler heads, etc. must be marked prior to installation.  North Texas Curb Your Nature, LLC is not responsible for damage to these items.
  • Customer must clearly mark areas to be installed if customer will not be present during installation.  Curb Your Nature, LLC will not be responsible for edging installed in areas not having proper markings.
  • Installation crews are allowed to make minor adjustments to accommodate landscaping or machine extrusion limitations.
  • Customer is responsible for providing proper drainage system for project area prior to installation of concrete edging.  Curb Your Nature is not responsible for water pooling behind concrete edging.

DAMAGE & CARE: Newly installed concrete edging is susceptible to damage.

  • Your new edging is a concrete product.  Most concrete products take approximately 28 days to completely cure. Sod laying, sprinkler work and landscape work can be started after 7 days: however, extra precautions must be taken to prevent damage during the curing process.
  • Keep children, pets and objects away from the curb for at least 48 hours.  It will be hard to the touch at this point, however 28 additional days are necessary for full cure.
  • During the 28-day curing process keep lawn mowers off and away from your curbing.
  • If it begins to rain within 8 hours after North Texas Curb Your Nature LLC leaves the jobsite, the customer is responsible for covering the curb with plastic.
  • Customer should turn off sprinkler systems for at least the first 72 hours.  Irrigation, backwash from pools, condensation lines, or rain can damage the curb during the first 72 hours.
  • Some fertilizers and chemicals will stain the curbing as they would any other cement product.  The customer should alert those applying fertilizers to avoid spraying the product on the curbing. If fertilizer or chemicals have been sprayed on the concrete, the customer may wish to rinse the edging.  North Texas Curb Your Nature LLC is not responsible for damage occurring from fertilizers and chemicals.
  • The curbing may look “blotchy” for a few days while it is curing. This will go away as it cures. Concrete is darker in color when first mixed and will lighten as it dries. It may take up to 28 days to completely cure.
  • Concrete curbing is a decorative product.  It does NOT have the same strength as sidewalks, driveways or home foundation.  Care should be taken by the customer to not walk, stand, sit, or place heavy objects on the curb as cracking can occur.
  • Curbs along vehicle traffic areas such as: gravel drive ways, concrete driveways, parking lots and asphalt are susceptible to increased cracking, movement and abuse.  At the customers expense, an additional 4-inch footing is recommended as a foundation to minimize these affects.   Curb Your Nature is not responsible for damage caused by vehicles.

CRACKING: All concrete will crack over time.

  • Curb Your Nature uses installation techniques in an effort to minimize these occurrences by adding-expansion joints, concrete fibers and/or integrated cable.  Curb Your Nature is not responsible for cracking.

COLORS: Curb Your Nature is not responsible for color variations from the color charts.

  • Curb Your Nature is not responsible for variations in Portland cement or color of sand, both of which will affect final color.
  • Color charts are a reference point and do not guarantee final shade of color.
  • Repairs can be difficult to make in colored concrete.  It is impossible to obtain a perfect match.
  • To retain integral color and release agent colors, the customer is responsible for annual sealing of the concrete curbing.